About Us

Meet the Owners

Merry Den Alpacas was founded in 2007 by Pete & Sue McElwain. The owners and their children Maghan and Matt, fell in love with Alpacas after visiting a local farm. A few months later, they purchased their foundation herd of 3 Huacaya alpacas. In the almost 10 years that has transpired since then, Merry Den Alpaca's herd has grown to 26. They strive to provide the best care possible to their animals, and to be active members of the Alpaca Industry. The family enjoys the lifestyle that comes with alpaca ownership. They love to teach the public about their unique creatures and the products that can be made from their fibers.

About Alpacas

Alpacas are members of the Camelid family. Other species inlude Camels, Llamas, Guanacos and Vicunas. Alpacas are from South America, and can naturally be found residing in the Altiplano of the Andes Mountains. Chile, Peru, and Bolivia have thriving Alpaca Industries.  There are two distinct breed of Alpaca. Huacayas and Suris. Merry Den raises Huacaya Alpacas.

Warmer than Wool, Soft as Cashmere

 Alpacas are shorn in the spring of the year. Some animals can yield up to 10lbs of Fiber! Alpaca Fiber is a hallow core fiber, which acts as an insulator. It draws heat from your body, and stores it within the fiber, which makes alpaca one of the softest, and warmest natural fibers! Alpaca fiber grows naturally in 22 different colors. Visit us for more information!